Business Process Automation

Key Benefits

Our work method & culture

We work in small 4-8 people agile teams. To collect your requirements we use SCRUM user stories or UML Use Cases.
We build requirements model in BPMN and UML to leverage the benefits of model driven design.
Requirements are then grouped in domains designed with best practices of SOA and Domain Driven Design.

During implementation we use platforms & frameworks like: BPMS, BAM, Business Rules Management System that contribute to flexible solution architectures.

Implementation artifacts are deployed on staging environments using DevOps methods: Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment supported by tools like Jenkins, Docker or Chef/Puppet.

For projects targeting quickly changing environment we combine SCRUM and Lean practices.

All members of our delivery team constantly improve their skills by participating in trainings and working on interesting R&D assignments or open source projects.

This approach assures that our people are up to date with innovations and can leverage it in projects for our customers.

Technologies and frameworks we use

We use webMethods BPM Platform to create business applications that are supporting integrated, managed and monitored end-to-end business processes and workflows.
We combine BPM Platform capabilities with modern Web technologies like AngularJS and WebComponents to deliver thrilling user experience on any device.
Our approach includes everything you need to get started quickly, including software platform, best practices for BPM  and ready solutions for specific sectors.
It allows us to :

What we do

We cover all phases of Business Process Management & Automation initiative. The main activities include:

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